Workshops: Corporate


Thomas works with individuals and companies to develop highly effective communication, presentation, and team building strategies.

Having worked extensively as an actor for such companies such as Queensland Theatre and La Boite Theatre Company, Thomas draws on his own experiences to facilitate and elicit the best outcomes for his clients.

With experience in both artistic and professional coaching and roleplay techniques, Thomas has access to a wide network of industry professionals and skill sets and can tailor his services to the needs of each individual or client.

Note: pricing and fees vary based on company and workshop sizes. If you need to discuss the specific needs of your company, or if you have a particular skillset or workshop you’d like to develop, please contact Thomas at

Workshops are also offered for Schools and Performance Company clients.



Helping your company imagine and creatively explore the possibilities of a cohesive and collaborative environment.

Presentation skills

Developing strategies for success in public speaking, meetings, interviewing and professional interactions.

Personalised coaching

Improving individual communication and interpersonal skills to create better workplaces.