Self Tapes


Whether you are an emerging or established performer, Thomas’ detail focused coaching and high-quality equipment will ensure you are captured at your best.

All taping sessions include private coaching and the use of professional lighting and audio-visual equipment. Rates also include the use of the studio, Thomas as your reader (if required) and the edit and delivery of the final tape in your desired size and format.


30 minutes: $50
60 minutes: $80
Time over 60 minutes: $15 per 15 minute block






“Thom’s advice and assistance has been invaluable as I have been establishing myself as a young actor. He is endlessly patient and good-humoured, even though we are almost always working to tight deadlines with very short turn arounds.”

Atticus Robb, cast of film Swinging Safari, 2018

“Thom understands script work and he is a great scene partner during a take, and gives valuable feedback before shooting again. Thom is always professional and enthusiastic and I could tell he really wanted me to do my best work. I never feel rushed in the room and he is able to edit and send off my auditions within the desired time frame.”

—Jessica tovey, cast of TV series Home & Away

“Thomas Larkin creates a relaxed and welcoming, yet challenging environment for the actors. His passion and enthusiasm is both inspiring and infectious. He communicates effectively, and gives everything he has to each session.”

—Mary-Ann Vale & Rowena Mohr, Company Directors, BMEG Talent Agents




How much time should I book to complete my self tape?

Your audition session should include enough time for you to do an initial read through, do a few takes, preview them and complete a title slide. If you wish to receive coaching on your performance throughout, factor this into the time required too. If you have 2 – 4 pages in total, 30 minutes is sufficient. If you have 6 – 8 pages, it is recommended that you book at least 1 hour.

Do I need to bring anything for my audition?

All you need to do is bring at least two copies of the sides, along with any other personal items or props you wish to use in the scene. If you wish to wear any specific clothing items, please wear them or have them readily-accessible to save time.

I booked 1 hour for my audition but ended up finishing in 30 minutes. Do I only have to pay for the 30 minutes?

You are expected to pay for the length of time you book as this influences the studio schedule and availability to other clients.

Can I bring my own reader?

Absolutely. Please specify this at the time of booking. Owing to space it is requested that you bring no more than one reader with you.

Any other questions?

Send an email to